How to Do Tawaf and Say’ee during the Hajj and Umrah

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Hajj and Umrah

Muslims are present in almost every religion of the world and practicing its teachings in their daily day life. The Muslims fulfill their religious duty with great spirits such as How to Pay Zakat, How to Perform Hajj and Umrah etc.

Many pilgrims face the problems during the Tawaf e Kaaba and Say’ee, such as,

Pilgrims Problems

• While Tawaf, People feel Thirst
• During Tawaf, People feel Hunger
• Pilgrims feel Pain in feet
• Due to Sensitive Skin, they face Sun problem
• They get Getting lost during Tawaf
• They are worried about Pushing and pulling
• Pilgrims forget how much Tawaf or Say’ee they had done
Now we can see the Solutions of these problems given below,

Solutions for Pilgrims

• You must keep water bottle along with you and drink it after completing one round of it while doing Tawaf
• It will be your exercise if eat first then start Tawaf and Sai
• If you feel pain then you must take Vaseline and a painkiller with you
• During Tawaf the sun is on head and cause a little burring effect on pilgrims then you must take an umbrella, sunglasses and sun cream with you
• Hold each other hands firmly during Tawaf
• You must start Tawaf from the Blackstone and complete one round of Tawaf
• You must keep a Tasbeeh of seven stones in your hand in this way you will be able to remember how much you did Tawaf

If I’m wrong somewhere then please correct me without any hesitation. May Allah Bless us all with His Blessings.

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