Why is Islam the best religion in the world?

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Islam is the most practiced religion in the world. Muslims are present in almost every region of the world. Islam has the complete code of life and it has the great system which is greater than that of the world! Haha, look at me what I am doing comparing the system of Allah with the world! Not appropriate. Well, many of the people convert their religion to Islam.

As about Islam Allah says in Quran as follow,

“Today I have completed and perfect the Islam. I have shown my favors to you. And select Islam as your religion.”

There are the several reasons why Islam is the best religion in the World. That reasons are as follow,

Stress on rights of ones and duties of other:

Islam has the complete code of life. Every religion has said about the righteous of others but the Islam has given the more stress on this issue. Islam has set up the high reward for those who fulfill their duties to other and a great torture to the people who will not fulfill their duties which are righteous of other. Islam has explained all the rights of the peoples which are the duty of ones.

Care for other:

Islam is the only religion which has obligated to care for other whereas the other religion gives us the message of selfishness. About caring for the other.

Allah says in Quran as follow,

“Help the creation of the Allah so that he may help you in the time of need.”

On another place in the Holy Quran Allah says to follow,

“Love the creation of Allah so that he may love you.”

Islam has a system which does the care for others in the some of those systems are as follow,

• In giving Zakat a large number of the amount is transferred to the needy and orphan and poor which is used to solve many problems.
• When a person is doing Fasting he feels hunger and thirst. He then feel piety for the needy and poor and trends to help them
• Going for Umrah and Hajj people bear expenses and journey which is the bread and butter of the number of people. Now Book Umrah Visa for July is much cheaper and easy to apply
• Brotherhood
• Giving of rights of people.

Islam has put the great stress on it the above verses are its evidence.

Guidance for All:

Islam is the complete code of Life and it has the guidance for all the peoples not only for the Muslims but also for the non-Muslims. Its knowledge is not based on the people of the same time, era or race but for all. People of any race, time or era can take guidance from the Quran, Hadiths, and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H).

These are the religion why Islam is the best religion in the world.

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