Is Islam True Religion Because of Holy Quran

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Is Islam True Religion Because of Holy Quran

The Muslim nation has blind and strong faith in Islam which is true, sacred, and divine religion in the world. There is nothing about the Islam that can be believed blemished and no one can’t raise the question about our beloved religion. Why we do believe on it? Because each and everything is explained in the Holy Quran and through the Hadiths of Holy Prophet (PBUH).

Muslims have not zero percent doubt on the narration of the Holy Quran. No one can have found it’s wisdom and knowledge in any other book of this world. The miracles of Quran show that this is divine and holy Book and Allah is Protector of it. To recite the Holy Quran in the Holy cities is more rewarded and must travel towards Saudi Arabia with Best Umrah Package with 3 Star Hotel UK. Allah Says in the Holy Quran,

“We have, deprived of doubt, sent down the Message, and We will undoubtedly protector it (from exploitation).” (Holy Quran 15:9)

Now let us see some facts about Islam being a true heavenly certainty, which is given below,

Comparison of Holy Quran with other Narrations

As we know Allah sent down the four Holy Books including Holy Quran. Other Holy Books are,

• Injeel
• Tawrat
• Zabur

Muslims have faith in after these books, Allah just sent down the Holy Quran for the guidance of manhood. This Holy Book is revealed in the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and He is the Last Messenger of Allah. This Book is a complete code of a life for the Muslims until the Qayyamah Day.

Unfortunately, the narration of previous books has been changed and people changed it according to their likings. But, the narration of Holy Quran is same as the time of Holy Prophet (PBUH) because Allah is the Protector of this Book. Allah Says that,

“….. and a group of them before now were hearing the Speech of Allah, afterward they deprived it even after they had well thought-out it, while they knew (the Fact).” (Holy Quran 2:75)
Allah Says in the Holy Quran again,

“Of the Jews, there are those who relocate words….” (Holy Quran 4:46)

So, these verses show that the Holy Quran is unique and divine narration. Allah is its guardian and He will protect it till Qayyamah. Must follow the instructions of Quran.

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