Importance of Truth in Islam

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Importance of Truth in Islam


Truth is an extraordinary and a quite are characteristic of human beings. It is undoubtedly the backbone of any society. These days, people try to pretend their feelings and show negative feelings to the other people. For example, a child may have done something wrong outside, and when he will arrive at home he may have a feat that his mother will scold her. So to save himself from her mother’s fear, the child might lie to her mother. He will forget that his mother loves him a lot and that anger is only temporary. Once you confess the truth, then she will not be angry with you for a long time. As truth and honesty is always admired by everyone.

Now relate this example with Allah Almighty who loves a man more than the love of seventy mothers then how is it possible that He Almighty will not forgive the people who are seeking for repentance after truthfully accepting their sins and mistakes. This can be done thorough Hajj with 2017 hajj management teams when you ask for Allah’s mercy and confess all your sins and mistakes truthfully and wholeheartedly with a pure heart and clean mind. It is mentioned in the Quran that “Allah Subhana Watallah may reward the truthful for their truthfulness, and punish the Pretenders if He wants, or turn mercifully towards them.” ( Qur’an 33:24). Since Allah is the Greatest of all, so He Almighty decides how to treat those who speak truth and how to treat those who lie.

Truth is often quite harsh and bitter while the lies may be wrapped in sweet covers but in reality, truth is sweeter from inside as it has long term benefits. On the other hand, a lie may give you a short term benefit but in the end it will get revealed and there will be nothing left but embarrassment for a person. There is no point of praying and doing Umrah with umrah arrangements for 2017 when you are going to lie with other people and will continue to deceive them for your own benefit. Try to speak the truth and you will be the most successful person who will always sleep with a peace of mind because he will not have the burden to remember any lie before going to bed. Also teach your children to speak the truth and you will lead a happy life.

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